Sunday, August 21, 2011

Still Standing

I completed my first three days of teaching and I'm still standing.  I met every child in the school last week, all 320 of them.  I think I had this idea going in that if I just read up enough on starting the school year, and just created enough clear rules and procedures that everything would go perfectly.  Everything did not go perfectly.  I had many of the same struggles that I had when I was student teaching.  I still find the Kindergarteners very difficult to manage, especially since I have them at the end of the day when they are very tired.  Last week I found that I could be successful in gaining the kindergartener's attention, but not in maintaining it.   I had some of the feelings I've felt in the past; namely that I'm fighting against a current rather than channeling it.  My goal for this year is to learn to direct the energy of the children rather than to fight against it.

Even though I had hoped (erroneously) that I would be able to start the year with everything in perfect order, I came away from my first week feeling encouraged.  The children were so sweet and earnest, I loved watching them become animated when they engaged in their artwork.  My mantra for this year is to be kind to myself as I experiment with ways to best manage the children in my classroom.  The art lessons do not worry me; this is the part that gives me so much joy- coming up with what to do next and creating examples for the children to see.  It's that management that's always been a challenge for me and that will be my focus this year.


  1. so enjoy reading all of your thoughts about teaching, jessie. channeling the current... exactly :)

  2. Sounds like the management is much harder than expected. But also that you have some resources (books, other teachers?) that might help you.
    "My goal for this year is to learn to direct the energy of the children rather than to fight against it."
    I love it! That should be my goal, too, as well as the mantra to be kind to myself.
    I agree with Natalie, I love reading your thoughts on teaching.

  3. thanks girls. glad i have you both in my corner!